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Define "Well Nested" care...

How can a Doula help me?

Self Care

It's hard to take care of your loved ones the way you want to if your running on empty. I will make sure you are well rested, comfortable, hydrated, and relaxed.Self care is imperative to your postpartum recovery. Whether that be a shower, exercise or nap I will be here to support your needs. I will help you build routines/schedules that will allow you to independently work self care into your daily life with a newborn. Supporting you and giving you a helping hand to complete this much needed task is what I am here for. Well nested also offers a wide variety of in-home self care services that include massage and mental health therapy.

General Tasks

Don't worry about washing the laundry, folding the clothes or disinfecting the bottles. I'll help take care of all those little everyday duties so you can rest up and just enjoy being a parent for a while.

Newborn Care

I am trained to provide information and hands-on support for every aspect of parenting. Have questions? I have answers! I offer in home newborn and safety education. I will show you unlimited options that will help you determine what works best for you and your newborn. This includes breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, diapering, sleep, soothing, baby wearing, nursery organization, and so much more.


The biggest shock to new parents is the sleep deprivation. Are you waking up every two hours? Do your days seem to be rolling one into the other? Is sleep deprivation interfering with your physical recovery? It's time to get well rested with Well Nested! I can help establish healthy sleep routines for baby, do the night feedings (or bring the baby to you to nurse when hungry). My goal is for the whole household to get the rest you need to really thrive.


It can be overwhelming to make a trip out of the house with a new baby. Let me take the stress away by accompanying you to the pediatrician or to the market. We can build a routine that will help you leave the house independently and manage motherhood with all of the important accessories. Not ready to leave the house? Order your groceries or dinner online and i'll go pick it up for you. I will gladly run your errands and decrease your to-do list as best as I can.