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Showing & Glowing event with Sarah Zollo Photography

•Showing & Glowing•

with Sarah Zollo Photography

WHAT A DAY. I cannot help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude when I think of the beauty I am surrounded by. Especially being alongside some of the most beautiful women inside and out! Thank you Sarah Meneely Zollo and Kerri Martin Frattarelli for bringing so many local businesses together who share the same mission.. along with fun, education and local resources for so many mothers.

Today was awesome for many reasons. It was great to talk to and meet so many local mothers. There is something special about connecting with a mama, seeing the joy in their eyes when talking about their babies and the comfort they find knowing they are not alone in their journey! I hope to work with many of the mamas I met today but if the opportunity doesn't arise I am happy to know they are educated in local community services that are there cheering them on. Thankful, grateful & blessed to be apart of this event and be alongside some of the best businesses in RI.

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1 Comment

Feb 10, 2020

So wonderful seeing all that you have to offer these mamas!

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