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NBC 10!

The thing about life is that it throws some REAL situations our way. The hard times people do not want to talk about or are afraid to admit. You can either live in these moments or grow from them.

My business was driven by my passion to help others emotionally and physically recover. To help new moms adjust comfortably into their new role and to keep motherhood honest and open. In 2017 I watched my best friend suffer from PPD. A time I felt like I lost her and helplessly watched her spiral into depression. Her experience was my driving force to pursue my dream as a postpartum doula and educate myself on how to help her and others in our community.

Flash forward to today, January 2, 2020. I was asked to be interviewed by NBC 10 about my postpartum business with her by my side. A healthy, happy and incredible mom who got the necessary help she needed to thrive into motherhood. Thank you Meg Noonan for being so brave and REAL. It takes a lot of courage to be so open and honest about postpartum depression, especially on TV! Thank you Stephanie Parente for supporting me and openly putting yourself out there to speak about your experience and how Well Nested has helped you. You’re both examples of the REAL we need more of in this world.

Big things are in store for 2020! Thank you for your kind words and texts. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. ♥️ What a way to start the new year!



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