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girls compete. women empower.

Just like the title says.

Girls compete. They also put down your hard work and small business to promote their own. Ugh, WHY? So many questions run through my head to what drives another to excessively log onto my website, copy, compare or publicly bash? Especially, when we are all supposed to support eachother and be role models.

Everyone has dreams, Well Nested RI is my dream. A business that defines female empowerment, encourages your decisions as an individual and family, builds you up when you feel at your most insecure. I am a women who supports women. No matter what business venture your on! From one business woman to another I encourage you to believe in yourself enough to do your own thing, speak of grace rather than flaw anothers dream and let your work define your business. I have learned that your vibe attracts your tribe and your reputation along with your quality of work can NEVER be replicated. Let that uphold itself. At the end of the day your saying more about yourself than you ever could about me.

In a world full of comparison I urge everyone to compete ONLY with yourself. Define your worth, give your energy to those who value and respect you. Push yourself to tackle new opportunities that will better yourself . Even if it scares off people who cannot relate.

Women empowering women or self-proclaimed? Your choice.

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