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Happy BIRTH Day!

Happy birthday to my first love.. and Happy BIRTH day to me!

Growing up I always noticed my mom wishing other moms a happy “birth” day on their child’s birthday. Making a point to honor the mother who is raising the child and recognizing their special day as hers as well. Pretty special, huh? Funny how a little heart, love and recognition goes a long way. I caught on as I grew older and started wishing my mom a happy birth day on my birthday. One year I even made her an I love you drawing that said thanks for raising me the way you are. Apparently I’ve always been a sappy individual. All of this took on a whole new meaning when I actually became a mother.

This morning I woke up to my happy BIRTH day text from my mom. Today marks T E N years that I have been a mom!?! I’m still in disbelief. All the people who told me that time flies by weren’t joking and were honestly trying to warn me. Maybe they were even trying to save me some precious time by somehow throwing in a little advice on the act of being present as much as possible.

The quote that resonates with me tonight is “when a child is born, so is the mother”. On November 4, 2009 @ 2:06 am I gave birth to our first child and rainbow baby Roman James. The doctor placed him on my chest and a beautiful mixture of love at first sight, shock and nurturing happened instantly. Woah what a feeling! What an indescribable moment that I wish I could replay over and over again. This was also the moment I was born as a mother. Frightening, exciting and head over heels. Little did I know then that Roman and I weren’t just mother and son but as the days passed we would define the meaning of being a team, teacher and friend.

My greatest lessons learned were the ones Roman was by my side for. Even the tears, frustration and all nighters were times we were vulnerable but we navigated together. He taught me to trust myself and feel confident with my motherly instincts. Building faith, love and trust in one another daily. Constantly challenging each other in new ways that made us stronger together and individually.

Roman is my first love, my first child and first best bud. Let’s not get it twisted, I love my husband but the love for your children is a different kind of love. A love you create together. The years passed, our family grew and other milestones were conquered. Romans patience, love, old soul and wisdom has always remained the same. He has continued to help me with his younger siblings, watches out for them and lives up to the big brother role. Encouraging, loving and being understanding that with each new sibling comes new responsibilities and sometimes that means moms/dads time or attention is divided. Roman has watched me become mom from day one. We have loved, laughed, learned and grown with each other over the last ten years. A bond only you and your first child can experience. As he enters his “tween” years I am sure there will be new milestones, challenges and laughter for us both. More opportunities where we learn more about each other and support one another in different ways.

Happy Birthday Roman James!! I love you! Growing with you has been a privilege and the best time of my life.

.... and Happy “Birth” Day to me!

PS- Mom I totally understand you now. You were right about everything. Roman has laughed at me sob about him turning ten and I secretly cannot wait for him to do the same with his own children someday. Screenshot this message for evidence. I may never tell you that you were right about everything again. Lol Love you more.

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