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Mama of the Month

Jen Wyatt

Our October mama of the month is a registered nurse, mom, grandmother and creator of the Missy Pack, Jen Wyatt!!

This mama is savvy, hardworking and an inspiration to many. When she wasn't working full time as an RN she was working around the clock putting her heart, blood, sweat and tears into creating a eco-friendly fashionable product that helps the environment and keeps us women feeling fresh and confident. There are SO many reason why we chose Jen as our mama of the month. Please read our Q&A below and see for yourself!

Check out her stylish (and discrete products) at howdoyoumissy.com

*Tell us about yourself? Family life? Career?

I am 51.  Holy shit.  That looks like something my mom would write.  We all think that is old.  Unless you’re 51.  I don’t feel old.  I am super active.  I have a ton of energy.  I work full time as a RN at The Miriam Hospital.  I have 3 adult children and 3 granddaughters that I make time to play with.  Grandchildren are the best.  They are truly a gift.  When you’re a mom, you worry about everything.  What should they eat?  When should they eat?  What will they be when they grow up?  Will they grow up?  When the hell are they going to grow up?  As a grandparent, it’s different.  There’s no stress.  No worry.  It’s just pure joy.  God’s joy.  You just love them, play with them.  And I play to win.  Nobody beats me at Hide and Seek.  Nobody.

*What inspired you to start the Missy?

About 10 years ago, I was getting concerned about the chemicals in our everyday products, and their effect on the environment.  I started dabbling in the world of chemical free alternatives, and started making lotions, creams, and bug sprays. And it was great to have that kind of control. I sold a few of these items to friends and family.  When my daughter had Lilly, granddaughter #1, I wanted to help her raise her in a chemical free environment.  She bought the cloth diapers so naturally I made her reusable wipes, an organic solution, and a pouch to put them in. And then a light bulb went off.  And I thought, “Hey, women could use this!”  I mean, how many times in your everyday life have you wished that you had something to freshen up with while you’re on the go?  Women are using baby wipes that are full of chemicals, are too wet and get tossed in the landfill.  In the USA, babies use about 12 billion baby wipes a year!  That is staggering.  We are not babies.  We deserve something better, softer, more eco-friendly.  So I created The Missy Pack.  A hand crafted leather clutch with waterproof pockets that hold pH balanced, reusable wipes designed specifically for today’s busy, modern eco-savvy woman. 

*How do you find balance between home, family and career?

Launching my business was the hardest thing I have ever done.  5 years of trial and error, finding the right tools, trying to divvy up all of your time between a full time job, a handmade business that is all you, no one can help you, your kids and your grand kids, date night, housework. OMG It’s so hard!!!  You sacrifice your time.  You can NEVER get it back!!!  EVER!  Work/life balance is always a work in progress.  When I take care of myself it actually makes everything else better.  I eat healthy.  I work out 3 x a week.  And I am very disciplined about it.  I know me very well.  I am an all or nothing girl.  One potato chip = one BAG of potato chips.  So I just stay away. It took me 10 years to truly understand empathy.  I used to let other’s feelings and troubles saturate me until I was all filled up with nothing left for me or mine.  It took time, but I learned how to shed that.  Or maybe my skin just got thicker.  I make sure we have date night once a week.  Most nights I cook because I am good at it.  We listen to music, dance in the kitchen, and we laaaaaugh!  After 18 years this guy still makes me belly laugh so hard.  Everyone should laugh like that.



*What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I have ever received was that everything I do or say should come from a place of love.  Sure, I am the biggest ball buster on the planet.  I am a New Englander after all 😉… But if love is your base, then it’s right.  It is correct.  

*What is some advice you would give other moms?

Every mom out there, you are raising the people who will take care of us.  That is a huge responsibility.  So 2 things.  We women are emotional beings.  We just are.  We are made that way.  Emotions are wonderful, but often times they get in the way of good decision-making.  Listen to your gut.  Your heart is wrong.  Your mind is rationalizing.  Your gut is always right!  Listen to that.
2. Teach your kids to laugh at themselves.  When my kids were little I would tease them just a tiny bit.  The world is cruel and it isn’t fair.  If you can laugh at yourself then you can carry on and not be devastated when things are hard or cruel.  It teaches them to find humor so they can overcome the hurt a little easier.


*Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?

Inspiration????  I think I am constantly inspired. Sometimes by nature.  Sometimes by architecture. Colors and textures.  Music.  It’s all art isn’t it?  And sometimes it’s people but that doesn’t feel like inspiration to me.  It’s a tug, or a pull.  It feels different.  And then you help them the best way you can.


*How do you define The Missy Pack?

The Missy Pack is a hand crafted leather clutch with waterproof pockets that hold chemical free, pH balanced, reusable wipes designed specifically for today’s busy, modern eco-savvy woman.  It’s on the go freshness with no impact on the environment. You know how when you need to research something you say, “Google it.”  So, whenever a woman needs to freshen up her "area" she says, “I gotta go missy.” Yeah, that’s what I want.  #goals 


Know a Mama who deserves some recognition for all she does?

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