My Senioritis Was Cured by COVID-19

Benefits of COVID-19 BY Lisa Egan

Hi all! As a senior in high school during quarantine, it has definitely had it’s faults. It is spring, I have senioritis to the max, but I am also looking forward to prom, graduation (the day I have been waiting for since I started schooling), and a stress free summer to spend with my hometown friends before I start a new adventure. However, all of these events may be taken away because of COVID-19.

Just a month ago, I begged my Mom to let me stay home, as I could not bear to wake up at 7am and trek to school, only a 5 minute car ride away. I could see my friends, annoy my teachers, and I had freedom. Now, I find myself wishing to go back to this place. My senioritis that I had once diagnosed myself with was cured by COVID-19 (ironic, right). I so badly hope to go back to Cranston High School West, a building that has become my second home for the past 4 years. “I will never stay home again” I say to my Mom, as everyday I pray that I will be able to have the events I have been waiting for.

As much as I am doubtful that I will be able to zipper up my orange prom dress that makes me feel beautiful, and complain that I have to wear an ugly red cap that will mess up my hair on graduation day, I still have hope and there are some tasks that I continue to do on a regular basis to help motivate me.

What I once said was a chronic case of senioritis, I have been able to give myself medicine for. I give myself ultimatums; If I do not do the online work, I will not be able to graduate this year and I will not be able to move on to the future in Boston; fulfilling my nursing degree at Simmons University. I need to follow these steps and make the best out of them so I can continue on, and beat my own inner problems as it seems that COVID-19 is taking over the world. I have learned to cherish the moments in my house, being quarantined with my Mom. Being a social butterfly, I was rarely home. Now that I am being forced inside my 1200 square foot apartment with my Mom and our dog, I have realized I will miss these moments when I am away in college. I need to cherish these Mom and Daughter moments, cherish how much work my beloved teachers are doing from home, and thank them for facetiming me solely because I miss them.

COVID-19 has given me a reality check, and I hope it has given my fellow peers one as well. We must not take anything for granted, as March 12, 2020 may have been my last day of public schooling forever.

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